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World’s Betting FAQ.

Responsible Gambling Policy


The majority of people enjoy gambling as a leisure that is enjoyable. This is a form of entertainment for adult people. However, gambling can have a negative influence on some people. For this particular reason, we have dedicated ourselves to creating this policy to raise awareness. Our content published on this website is not governed by any authority and we do not have any gambling operations whatsoever.

What is responsible gambling?

The term “Responsible Gambling” is a very deep concept that aims to protect gamblers. It acts as a barrier to allow gamblers to stop experiencing the negative impacts of gambling. It is mainly built on self-awareness. The concept respects and focuses on the responsibility of individuals for their own actions by acknowledging a responsibility on the sportsbook and casino operators as well.

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling surfaces when individuals lose control over their gambling activities and cannot maintain a healthy logic towards spending money and time devoted to gambling.

How our website contributes to Responsible Gambling?

We provide certain warnings including but not limited to blog articles, footer sections, and banners. We also provide links in order to help readers to understand where they can reach out to receive support and help.

Minors and age restriction

The content on our website is only for adults. We publish several age restriction signals throughout our website in order to warn minors that our content is not targeted at minors whatsoever.

Organizations that will help you

If you cannot control yourself, please visit one of the following websites in order to receive support immediately. Problem gambling can lead to serious mental and physical harm and must be interfered with before it is too late.

  1. Responsible Gambling Council
  2. Bet Blocker
  3. BeGambleAware
  4. Gambling Therapy